"We make a new important step to protect our traditional product, Greek yogurt is known for its unique quality in both the European and international market", - said the Minister of agriculture of Greece Evangelos Apostolou.

Previously, Greece has achieved that feta cheese has been recognized as a traditional product that can be called only if it actually produced in this country. However, the Greek authorities are unhappy that feta and other Greek products do not receive sufficient support within the framework of trade agreements between the EU and Canada (CETA).

The EU Commissioner for health andriukaitis Vytenis previously stated that the term "Greek yogurt" can really enter consumer confusion if the product really was made in another country. At the same time, the Commissioner believes that terms like "yogurt, Greek recipe or yogurt in the Greek style" can be used to refer to dairy products of the appropriate type.

Now, Greek yogurt can be produced without reference to the geographical origin of the product. In particular, in the Latvian shops it is possible to buy the Greek yogurt manufacturing concern Food Union, Tukuma piens and other local and foreign manufacturers.