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In adolescence Ashley Soto (Ashley Soto) from USA, was diagnosed with a very rare skin disease — vitiligo. It all started with one white spot on her neck, but over the years the disease has already spread to a large part of her body.

The girl was getting whiter and whiter (her skin due to the illness lost their pigment), and bullying from peers, she began to wear only covered clothes.

One day, Ashley came up with the idea to circle the marker "Islands" of skin, which still had pigment. In this moment she realized that the resulting picture is very similar to the world map. So she realized that he could see on his illness and the body with the other hand. But Ashley did not stop only on the "map" drawings. For example, one of her last creations was a replica of the famous painting by van Gogh, painted on her chest.

Body art allowed the girl to feel more comfortable in your body, and get rid of complexes about vitiligo. "What many people view as a weakness I turned into art. I'm always looking for different ways to reduce their disadvantages, and did not feel great until started drawing," said Ashley, hoping that her hobby will be able to inspire other people.

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