First of all, he drew attention to the prophecy of the presidency of the billionaire Donald trump. In "the simpsons" this was discussed in March 2000, in reality the flamboyant businessman has confirmed its ambitions in June 2015. According InoPressa, in the episode "Bart to the future", the hero sees that his sister Lisa has become President of the United States, succeeding trump. The legacy she inherited a country lying in ruins, as the tycoon to manage the economy are incompetent.

In the episode "Lisa's Sax" Marge advises Bart to read a book Curious George and the Ebola virus". He also shows a self-portrait of Barth in the form of a bloody corpse in the pile of other dead. The episode aired in October 1997, in reality the Ebola epidemic swept West Africa in the spring of 2014.

The researcher also drew attention to the appearance in the animated series, the sinister date of latest American history - 9/11. In the series "the City of new York vs. Homer Simpson", which appeared in September 1997, Bart advises the father to take the bus and shows the brochure, which depicts the figure 9 and the silhouettes of the twin towers forming a number 11. In reality the attacks, erased from the face of the Earth skyscrapers that happened on September 11, 2011.

The banner of the "Free Syrian army", which in reality was formed by deserters from the Syrian armed forces to fight against Bashar al-Assad in 2011, in the animated series, appeared ten years earlier. In February 2001 came the series "the Simpsons", where young people create boy band the money of the American Navy, and video clips of their groups contain propaganda subliminal. In one of the clips the guys throw the bomb in any middle Eastern militants. So, in a jeep of this group is drawn exactly such a flag.

Steve jobs might have inspired a popular animated series. Such a conclusion can be drawn by reviewing a series of "Lisa on ice", released in November 1994. In it Dolph dials on the phone to beat Martin, but the phone itself replaces these words with "fuck March". The phone is white with the logo in the form of an Apple, from which emerges a worm. Also ten years before the appearance of the game Farmville, in June 1999, the heroes of the series "Carnival Bart play with agricultural tools and virtual reality glasses.

The theme of the global espionage NSA was addressed in the feature film "the Simpsons movie", which appeared in 2007, six years before the scandal surrounding the illegal methods used by security services. The Higgs boson is amenable to computation Homer Simpson in September 1998, whereas in reality about relevant inventions became known in March 2015.

In 1994, Homer Simpson riding on a ball, used to destroy buildings. This technique in 2013 repeated Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball music video.

In addition, the creators of the animated series predicted the scandal with the "Panama records". In the episode "Bart-sleuth", released in 1996, Bart comes to the Bank with the cheque which should have been signed by Krusty the clown. Printing on the receipt raises suspicion of a Bank employee, and starts the investigation of the U.S. Treasury, which reveals the same scheme that has emerged after the removal of the "Panamanian documents".

"The simpsons" are one of the most popular animated series in the world. The first series was shown in 1989. The total number of episodes exceeded 550. During the existence of the sitcom as a guest celebrity in it participated more than 500 well-known personalities who voiced or animated yourself, or specially devised characters for them.

The first mini-series, the Good night was shown in the "Show Tracey Ullman" April 19, 1987. Demonstration of the complete series of the animated series began on December 17, 1989 on Fox.

To date, viewership of the animated series covers more than 100 countries. During its existence, the series has received numerous awards and nominations. Primetime-Emmy award "the Simpsons" has won 27 times (in four different categories) - more than any other animated series in the history of the award. Annie award the series has received 22 times. To his credit - many other U.S. and international prizes and awards.