Although the decrease of physical activity of students is a big problem for all developed European countries, Latvia stands out especially the low rates, said the expert of the Center for the prevention and control of diseases Iveta Pudule.

In Latvia boys girls actively involved in sports, but the number of teenagers is declining, and the proportion of those who engaged in sports at least one hour per day is 22%. Among girls this proportion is equal to 15.3%. For comparison, in 2006 physical activity devoted at least one hour per day to 27.6% of boys and 8.6% girls.

There is a tendency of increasing the time that girls spend playing with electronic gadgets. In 2010, the weekend kind of got 16.8% of girls in 2014 to 21.4%. Among boys, there was a slight decrease in the proportion of players from 50% to 49.8%. Working days in this hobby are given to 13.5% of girls and 33.9% of boys.

In the study, who reflected the data of 2013/2014 academic year, obtained in a survey of more than 200 thousand students in 42 countries.