One pair came together last year's finalists of the tournament "Jelgava and Ventspils. Then the team Vitaly Astafyev managed to win this duel, now, "Ventspils" is seriously determined to regain the trophy that the media aren't given for the past two years.

The fate of the first match in Jelgava decided to counterattack in the performance that happened at the end of the first half. Victory hung on the flank into the penalty area, and coming Alan Sinelnikov famously struck his head, throwing the ball over home goalkeeper Extensa. The situation unsuccessfully tried to rescue the defender "Jelgava" Diallo, who eventually recorded a goal (see video below).

To win the second wasn't easy: at the end of the hour they were down to ten men (was removed Freimanis). Here is "Ventspils" could make the account more stable, if Tidenberg missed a couple of meters. At the end of the game was another point Carlson, but in the end, the team went with a minimal victory "Ventspils" — 1:0. May 4 will be a return match on the "yellow-blue".

The second semi-final was held in Daugavpils, where the club took Jurmala "Spartak". After five rounds of the national championship, these teams are at opposite ends of the table. Although Cup games are often run counter to the predictions, this time nothing of the sort happened.

"Spartak now feels so confident that he even allowed himself to be kept in reserve top scorer Dmitry Platonov. In the end, he came on the field, but his efforts to win are not needed — guinane made a mistake (unsuccessfully played at the output, the goalie has Narwhal), which ended, as in the first semi final, own goal.

This ball became the only one in the match: Spartak won 1:0 and in a week has a chance to make his first outing at the finals.

The Latvian Cup In 2016. The semi-finals (first legs):

Jelgava — Ventspils— 0:1 (0:1)
Goal: 0:1 Diallo (38-ed.).
Removal: Freimanis (E, 61).

Belorussian felinological center "Daugavpils" — "Spartak" (Jurmala) 0:1 (0:0)
Goal: Climatebiz (69-ed.)