According to CBS, the FBI and CIA believe that the "mole" gave Wikileaks data about the used American intelligence sophisticated methods of cyber-espionage. Citing sources familiar with the proceedings, the TV station noted that the informant looking for among those officers of the CIA and its private contractors who had physical access to the data, released by Wikileaks in early March.

CBS argues that the access to this information had a few hundred people, and now the special services are checking each of them.

As recalled by TASS, March 7, Wikileaks posted in the open access dataset on the different methods of cyber-espionage, which the CIA. From this information, for example, indicated that the Agency in Langley we are able to arrange cyber attacks under a false flag, has developed malware that allows you to monitor the people using their mobile phones, as well as the technology through which you can gain access to smartphones worldwide. Latest enable to read the audio traffic and email, including secure connections proud of WhatsApp and Telegram.

According to the testimony of Wikileaks, the leak of all these data gave former contractors key intelligence Agency of the United States, which, as the most famous whistleblower of digital intelligence secrets, Edward Snowden did not want to put up with the lawlessness in the activities of the CIA.

CIA Director Michael Pompeo during a speech on April 13 at the Center for strategic and international studies overides that Wikileaks represents essentially "non-state enemy intelligence service, acting under the instigation of such States as Russia".