In the opening ceremony of the Latvian national art Museum was attended by Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis, Minister of culture Dace Melbarde, the Chairman of Riga nil Ushakov and his Deputy Andris Ameriks, the artist Gemma Skulme, Museum Director māra lāce, as well as participants of process of reconstruction of a building — architects, designers, builders.

In honor of the Grand opening of the Museum visitors, locals and visitors to the city throughout the day pleased a special musical program, which was attended by Latvian artists.

Museum visitors were able to see the renovated Museum and the permanent exhibition "Latvian art. XIX-XX century", as well as two exhibitions prepared for the Museum's opening, — "Miervaldis Policy. Illusion as reality" and "Boris Berzins (1930-2002. Silver/Gold".

The architectural monument of national importance — the building of the LNMA — without repair served for 107 years. Therefore, it was decided about the reconstruction and extension of building to create a modern Museum infrastructure for exhibiting and storing art works. 25 may 2010 the Department of property of Riga city Council announced an international sketch competition for development of the project of reconstruction of the building and the Annex building. The entire jury received 28 architectural works.

30 September 2010, the jury unanimously found the best layout under the slogan "VV 903" presented by the architectural Bureau Processoffice (Lithuania). 24 Jan 2011 an agreement was signed on the development of construction project of reconstruction and restoration of the building of the Latvian national Museum of art, and the construction of an extension to the building. 23 may 2012 the project was approved by the Building office in Riga, Latvia. 22 January 2013 were signed the contract on construction works with the company RE&RE and an agreement with the Central Agency of Finance and contracts on project financing from the structural funds ERDF.