Traditional concert of the hymns of the Great lent will be held April 2 at 15.00 in the concert hall Ave Sol.

The tradition of Orthodox Lenten concerts began in the 19th century and to this day holds a special place in the field of sacred music. The beginning of this musical tradition put Alexei Fyodorovich Lvov — violinist, composer, conductor and Director of the Court singing chapel in St. Petersburg (and the author of the hymn "God save the Tsar!"). Lenten works resonate in the hearts of even secular listeners. And it's no wonder the beauty of Orthodox sacred music very special is evident in the Lenten context, when the basic idea works aimed to reflect on the selflessness and suffering, about love and betrayal, about the great gifts of forgiveness and human life.

Over time, this tradition which the post-revolutionary era was interrupted, began to revive, certain spiritual choirs. Traditions choir "Blagovest" to sing hymns of Great lent has its origins already in the 90-ies. "Blagovest" presented their Lenten program not only in the capital but in other cities of Latvia. In 2014 "evangelism" and sang hymns of lent together with an outstanding baritone, Latvian national Opera Samson by Sumbeam.

Continuing to expand her repertoire, April 2, the choir will present previously unreleased works by composer Nikolai Golovanov from the Opus 37 "Hymns of lent, Holy week and Easter." Works Golovanov "Blagovest" has acquainted his audience at the concert "Orthodox Christmas chants" in January and continues to study the work of this spiritual composer.

A diverse concert program also includes compositions by Rachmaninov, Arkhangelsky, Vedel, Grechaninov, Schnittke, Glagoleva, Bortniansky and Nikolaev-over Strymonikos. The concert will also be performed – archdeacon of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Riga Vsevolod Melnikov (baritone) and Yuri Tyutyunnikov (tenor).

After the concert, "Hymns of Great lent" "Blagovest" at the invitation of the organizers will visit the Polish town of Hajnowka, which is already in the 5th time to take part in the international festival "Days of Church music". Within ginovski "Days of Church music" last year, "the Blagovest" was given two awards: diploma of the choir for 1st place in the category of academic choirs and the award for the best conductor.

Tickets for the concert "Hymns of Great Lent" are available one hour before concert hall Ave Sol.