What distinguishes the new cold laser correction LED technology from the outdated conventional femtosekundnykh and excimer technologies?

Our questions are answered by the Director clinic Oleg Kovrigin.

In 2016, ophthalmology, received a new impulse for development, appeared solid-state laser with LED technology which provides the laser correction without increasing the temperature of the eye (cold laser correction).Much more accurate and faster unrivalled impact.

What for the patient is certainly comfortable and absolutely safe.

Our patients after the procedure, I ask-what did the doctor have it?

The vision returns in all colors instantly.

For us I think Sсhwind lasers, Nidek excimer and other lasers need to put on a well-deserved place in the Museum, the old men worked and now should be exhibits for the experts.

All the old lasers with femtosekundnogo technologies and excimer technology of course is already the past generation.

In the Baltic States is as usual we have already instituted the new equipment you receive in our clinic and the results are striking our ophthalmologists and exceed the expectations of patients!

And so our patients expect from us and of course the best result for their vision exceeds expectations.

Of course this is very expensive equipment, but we are responsible to the eyes of our patients and we have only the best.

Cool LED technology works wonders and the results are fantastic, vision after correction often exceeds the capabilities of our products to check the view. A lot more standard units. Our patients are not uncommon for the pilots and people of professions where good eyesight is professional longevity. And of course businessmen ,because this sunglasses not just fashionable ,but very uncomfortable accessory.

And of course girls, glasses to hide their beautiful eyes and make you look older, creating unnecessary wrinkles.

After all, we look to the future together with our favorite patients.

And for them we have prepared a wonderful gift. For 2016 to leave a special introductory price for the laser correction ,just 350 Euro for one eye regardless of the complexity of the procedure ,any method of the Premium class .

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