Both teams suffered in the group stage four defeats and now, according to the regulations of the tournament, reveal the weakest team of the championship. The battle lasts till the two victories and today was the first game.

Latvian hockey players, unfortunately, again nothing scored. Although only in the first period wards Smirnova played three times at most in the absence thereof the opponent. This throws the Belarusians lost to the minimum (5-6).

In the second third of the match the superiority of the Belarusian team was already much more noticeable. In the end, it was embodied in a goal a minute before the second break when Igor Martynov turned out to be smarter than everyone on the rebound— 0:1.

In the last 20-minute to the Latvian hockey players also missed opportunities to save the game. From the 52nd minute to the final siren, three times they have numerical superiority and again all their efforts were in vain. Moreover, Vladislav Eremenko for 37 seconds before the end of the match managed to hit the empty net Latvians and set the final result— 0:2.

Tomorrow the teams will meet again and if the national team of Belarus will win, Latvia juniors will have to leave the top division world championship after a 3-year stay there.

Belarus and Latvia in the group stage suffered four defeats, not gaining any points. In the consolation round, which will take place with two rounds to determine which team will leave the elite division. In case of victory of the Latvian team tomorrow, need third decisive match which will take place in this case on April 23.

UCM-2017. Consolation round (first leg):

Belarus (U18) — Latvia (U18) 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)
Goals: 1:0 Martynov (Eremenko, Filyaev, 38:53). 2:0 Eremenko (Martynov, 59:23-p. V.).

Shots: 31 — 17.
Goalkeepers: Grishchenko Rauza
Fine: 16 — 6.
20 APR. Spisska Nova Ves. The "winter". 356 spectators.
Account in the series: 1-0.