Gulbis in the current ATP ranking is 83rd place, the Puja — 56-E. French was seeded in qualifying for the second number (in the previous tournament in Bucharest, reached the final). Previously they were not met.

In the first set, both teams consistently took points only on their feeds, and in the tiebreak the Puja has created a backlog of 5:0 and not already lost this advantage (7:2).

In the fifth game of the second set of French tennis player took the first match of the break, what Gulbis soon responded with their break. And once again the winner of the party was to reveal the tie-break. He began with the fact that the Latvian tennis player took the first two drawing, but leadership on the account is not kept and lost 4:7.

During a speech in Madrid Gulbis points not scored. Earlier this week Riga in the first round lost to Croat Ivan Dodigu on the tournament of series ATP "World Tour 250" in Munich.

This season in the major tournaments of the ATP level of the ten matches Gulbis won two. Given the qualifications of its balance is 5-15.