The PPS informed inspectors confiscated the Swede 55 cows, at present, the farmer provides another 80 head of cattle. He began to improve the conditions of their detention, but now he will be under close supervision of PVS. If within the specified period he will not be able to ensure the proper maintenance of cattle, cows also will have to withdraw.

Recall that in early March, the farm Swede torda Bengtsson in Kuletskoy parish found more than 10 corpses of cows and pigs. And pakulska regional Duma, and in the food and veterinary service (PVS) confirmed this information. It is not excluded that animals could die due to inadequate feeding.

It is known that Bengtsson owns about 150 hectares around the "country farm". It contains about 70 pigs and cattle. I don't know. As noted, "Kurzemes Vards", the Swedish for a long time is in sight and the food and veterinary service, and government. His name is known to the liepāja regional Department of the environment.