The first thing you should know before heading out to a wedding as a guest, it's what type will relate to a planned event: classical or thematic? If the future spouses have chosen a specific theme, your outfit have to match them.

Another question — how you have to meet? In some cases it will be enough and any particular items or certain colors of your outfit, and in other cases you might need a real costume.


Гостья на свадьбе: какой наряд лучше выбрать для торжества?
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Whatever the theme of the event, your image must remain feminine. Even if you love to look bright and unusual, one day is worth to change their habits in order not to distract attention from the bride, because the wedding day it plays a major role.

Be sure to remember the following rules:

  • Give up white dresses, as white is the color of the bride (unless, of course, the bride herself does not insist on the reverse).
  • The black color is appropriate only for formal evening events dress code Black Tie.
  • The iridescence of the dress is also out of place, so if the wedding event is not planned in the style of the Brazilian carnival, stick with soft color schemes.
  • Choose comfortable shoes (low heels or no), otherwise you will be difficult to withstand this long day on your feet.
  • If you were invited to a wedding in the Orthodox or Catholic Church, be sure to bring a handkerchief to cover the head and shoulders, and remember — in this case, the length of the skirt can not be shorter than knee. In addition, avoid causing jewelry.
  • Do not apply too much makeup. You risk being branded as vulgar, and in General — remember that if anyone can attract attention, so is the bride!

If you still have doubts about the choice of outfit in which will go to the wedding, remember three important rules: simplicity, elegance and harmony. In the extreme case, can address for Council to the organizers of the event. They will tell you what kind of clothes would be most appropriate for a particular wedding.

Summer time greatly extends the range of outfits for special occasions — now no need to worry about the clothes, you can choose between cocktail dresses and evening wear, as well as costumes and dresses made from natural fabrics. It is important that the outfit you are comfortable to move, and that it is not hanging on you the weight of knight armor, otherwise the celebration will turn you into real torture.

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