According to him 60% of Latvian roads are related to the category of local values, while it moves 17% of drivers. "Over the past 20 years in local roads is not invested," said Lange.

On the question of where to take the money, he explained that to take away from someone else "almost impossible", so it's time to start discussions on this issue. As an example, a possible source of funding he said that the increase in excise tax. "The best would be the principle "fee for service"... Now the biggest contradiction in the fact that drivers pay [for the road] full price, but actually for the repair of roads and streets is only a third paid", — he explained.

At the same time he pointed to the fact that it is necessary to make pragmatic decisions about improving the efficiency of the road network. According to Lange, the third of the road Fund of the country (4 000 of the 12 000 kilometres) has no strategic value.