Experts arrived on March 16 at the place, found that the part of the pipeline filled with water and there are several dozen illegal taps, which supplied the household and the store, reports One of these taps in the gas supply system is exposed to water. March 15, local residents have made another attempt to make illegal tie-in street underground gas pipeline, resulting in an accident.

Repair work has caused discontent of the inhabitants of the Gypsy camp. Gypsies came to the administration building and police, began to burn tires, throw stones and sticks of gas-men, policemen and journalists. The rebellion was quickly put down. Of damage to the pipeline that led to the off gas in the village was eliminated.

According to the data of IA "Tula news" on Thursday in Plekhanovo arrived about 300 law enforcement officers. As the correspondent of Agency, early in the morning on 17 March in that part of the settlement, where the Roma Diaspora, moved by the police, which was escorted bulldozers and employees of gas service. According to the journalist, the police "seriously equipped and prepared".

Portal writes about 500 police officers, stating that it is including the OMON, SOBR, the handlers and the internal troops. When I started pruning of the pipeline, the Gypsies approached the cordon. As a result, "the two most actively gesticulating citizens detained in the hard way using non-lethal weapons as batons", the report of IA "Tula news". After some time, the correspondent of the Agency, was arrested in the U.S. "most active" members of the Roma.

According to press reports, law enforcement officers on Thursday "will conduct explanatory work with the residents of the Roma settlements, which was illegally connected to the gas network". According to the report in the group of the newspaper "Sloboda" and the portal "Vkontakte", the work of the gasman in the Roma settlement is more like a special operation.

On Thursday morning commented on the situation of the so-called Gypsy Baron. The man who introduced himself as Ivan Grigorievich, said that new illegal taps in the pipeline, the members of the camp did not. He could not identify the reason for the gas supply system is exposed to water. Gypsy Baron noted that the camp lives in the region since 1960-ies. According to him, the Gypsies have repeatedly tried to hold the gas and even bought the necessary equipment, but were not allowed to do that. "They said we now will carry out formally, and you would hit other members of the camp", - said Ivan Grigoryevich. However, representatives of JSC "Gazprom gazoraspredeleniye Tula", as reported, denied such accusations, stating that "any claimant who wants to obtain a service, gets it".