Recall that according to the Agency LETA involved in the protection of children's rights received seven complaints of various irregularities in the Jelgava orphanage. An investigation in which from duty and suspended three teachers.

In the complaints indicates the invalid behaviour of these women: the governess pulled children's hair, pushed down the food in their mouths, calling them insulting words. While some children prefer not to respond to such an attitude, which the orphanage had the impression that it is "OK".

It is also noted that the staff did not hesitate to use violent methods and with outsiders.

Also the Latvian radio reports outlined in this orphanage practice to send the naughty children in a psychoneurological hospital with the help of the municipal police. Children sent to boarding schools "far away" — for example, in Latgale.

Freed thus from the child, the orphanage continues to receive government money for its upkeep, despite the fact that actually the child is far away, and it is paid by the state.