In this year's competition are seen of Nicolas winding Refn, who last time presented a bold and, in my opinion, the best film of the year "the Neon demon". No, the Dardenne brothers ("the Stranger") and Jim Jarmusch ("Paterson"), but the program has a "Dislike" by Andrei Zvyagintsev, "two faced lover" is Francois Ozon and "happy ending" by Michael Haneke. After the ironic title of the last picture — the bitter history of the bourgeoisie. By the way, Zvyagintsev at Cannes, the show is not a rookie. His films "the Return", "Elena" and "Leviathan" was crowned with prizes. Is the costume drama Sofia Coppola's "Fatal temptation" with Kirsten dunst, Elle fanning and Nicole Kidman. In addition to "translation Difficulties", which was released already in 2003, nothing intelligent daughter of famous Director Francis Ford Coppola ("the Godfather," "the Conversation") is not removed, so we can only guess.

At the anniversary festival will show "Occa" South Korean Director Pont Chung-Ho, where the main roles are played by Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal. The author of the ultimate invention of Lovecraft's horror film "Invasion of a dinosaur" is not surprising. The story of a warm friendship of a country girl and kind of a monster, travelling from the Korean province to America. "ACCA" is a small, magical event.

In addition to the pageant, Scottish Lynne Ramsay with the film "You've never been here before". In the past Ramsey gave us absolutely brilliant tragedy "something not so with Kevin". The plot of the new film revolves around a retired military man, who saves the girls from the networks of the sex trade, acting outside the law. In the past year for the Palme d'or struggled in the atmospheric road movie "American boy," Andrea Arnold, won the main prize drama "I, Daniel Blake" old Ken Loach. In short, the British did not retreat.

Cute out-of-competition program of Cannes. It is impossible to say about the legendary Japanese Director Takashi Miike, the cult Thriller "the audition" and cool samurai drama, "13 assassins". From the new movie "blade of the Immortal" blood, blades, and glory.

The film by American Director John Cameron Mitchell's "How to talk to girls at parties" also deserves attention because of his last drama with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart "Rabbit hole" is tragically beautiful. By the way, for her, Kidman received nominations for "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

Good or bad movies, or past — don't know. All will decide the jury, among them Jessica Chastain, will Smith and Paolo Sorrentino, and leads a team of Pedro almodóvar.

Recall that the first Cannes film festival, which was scheduled in the 39th, was postponed due to the outbreak of the Second world war. Then the festival was one of the right-wing of the Venetian. Came up with an alternative that is still organized in 46 m. the Festival is traditionally leftist, and today in many respects even liberal, so the outcome is logical: "the Life of Adele", "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days", "Child." Of Russian film in the past in Cannes showed the drama "Brother", "Burnt by the sun" and "the Apprentice." The festival is significant, controversial and really popular, it is still not called.