In General, the police will work on eight sites in Vecaki, Babelia, Waterbury, Daugavgriva, Rumbula, Lucavsala, Kipsala and Kisezers. Given that not all campers choose only official place to swim and spend time on other beaches, rescuers will be one mobile patrol, which during the day is to make raids on the so-called informal beaches.

Last year the municipal police has saved the lives of 13 campers. At the same time rescuers during the entire beach season conduct active preventive work to prevent situations when you have to rush to the rescue. Also, the police often help lost children find their parents and provide medical assistance.

Last season revealed the problem: the police do not have enough lifeguards and divers, but during the year the number of missing workers has been reduced from fifteen to seven. Thanks to all of the rescue station is staffed and none of them, there is no shortage of lifeguards. Note that the number of rescuers could not be expanded quickly, as they need to undergo special training, which is not in the beach season.

PRS encourages campers to be discreet around ponds, as well as to monitor closely the children.