Polka dot nail art echoes the retro style. Print "polka dot" appeared in the XVIII century in France. The most widespread and boom it was in the middle of the XX century — the girls went crazy over the prints with "confetti decorated", which makes them more feminine, naive and romantic.

Together with your favorite dresses and accessories in polka dot came to fashion and the pea manicure — ladies began to decorate their nails by design in the dots of different diameters. At the beginning of its inception, the polka dot manicure valued exclusively in two colors: a monochromatic the basis manicure and choose a mini-circles on the nails. Today, the range of shades is much wider — pea manicure can be performed in three or more colours. New trends manicure with polka dots told the owner of the network studios manicure Lena Lenina.

"The most common and one of the most elegant manicure with polka dots — black and white. This design is suitable even for the office, because a black-and-past tone is ideal for the business environment," said the socialite.

Fashionable in the coming spring season colorful polka dot manicure again occupies a leading position. A fun and colorful manicure has long pushed boring solid colors. Polka dot print diversifies anyone, even a boring outfit and add a bright accent to your everyday style. If you want to be remembered and stand out, add color or change shape. Polka dot print suitable for absolutely any situation of life.

For example, for dates you can choose a soft pink color combined with turquoise. This combination will help to complement the romantic image and the hand with nice manicure file.

"Little black dress" — a win-win for each, but all-too-frequent choice. The ideal option for this kind of dress will be a black manicure with colorful polka dots. In this combination of bright manicure will be appropriate, and you don't risk to go too extravagant person.

Bright prints, not only distinguish you from the crowd, but also cheer up on a cloudy weekday. While the usual game with the colors already tired, and the colors in the palette is not added to update your style without any damage to the purse, again using peas, just adding a few speckles on white base. Experiments with the shape and sizes are also welcomed — distribute the colors randomly, and in your Arsenal has a new nail look.

Within just two colors you can create different versions of the manicure with polka dots. Black-and-white or black — the difference is small but noticeable. This simple technique will make others admire your creativity.

Or do one nail in mirroring all the others.

Classic plain choice of clothing also blends perfectly with any nail variations. Include fantasy — and more! For example, relevant in this year the total style is perfectly combined with colorful polka dots.

Don't forget about the creative, add stripes, polka dots borders, creating a unique image.

Polka dots can be as small detail, and the basis for the manicure. Filling all space rainbow net, you will not only stand out, but also to indulge in a creative process that does not require special knowledge and skills.

Classic black and white dots goes well with almost any color. This rule applies not only to the combination of clothing, but also for a manicure. So, for example, based on one color, polka dots can be a bright accent, if you put it in sequence.

Manicure with polka dots is also suitable for those who like matte shades. If you are among them, but from the glossy options too, not able to tear his eyes — safely connect all one print. To achieve successful combination will be possible, even selecting a varnish of the same color. For example, black matte lacquer combined with the high gloss will be low-key, but very noticeable accent, finishing your look.

Remember that a manicure with polka dots is evident in itself and really draws attention to the hands, so it is important to ensure that skin of hands and nails were in perfect condition".