Each member state of the EU may be "some time not to participate in the movement", but in this case, should pay 250,000 euros for each refugee, which it refuses to accept. The money will be sent to those EU countries that accept these refugees.

Several Central European countries resisted attempts to force them to accept refugees, so the program, which involves the movement of 160,000 asylum seekers, not actually start to work.

Nevertheless the previously approved scheme of movement of refugees will be implemented in full, said Wednesday the European Commission.

To the Commission's proposal take effect, it must be approved by each of the member countries of the EU and the European Parliament, notes Deutsche Welle. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic has already announced that it intends to reject the initiative of Brussels.

The Dublin agreement in 1990, signed by all EU member States. It is, in particular, provides that the responsibility for consideration of asylum country bears, the border where you initially crossed a refugee when entering the EU.