"In such a situation, in any case, it is reasonable to assume political responsibility. I'm ready to give up the place of the Vice-speaker of the Riigikogu," said Rõivas in a live broadcast on the website of the newspaper Postimees.

Rõivas admitted that the accusations against him are entirely consistent with his view of the incident: "to Call the incident sexual harassment — it's hard to exaggerate. It is clear that some girls felt uncomfortable with our company. My participation is that I danced with one of them. Yesterday she told me that at that moment felt that I was too close." The na Deputy speaker has considered the public reaction to his behavior is disproportionate to the offense.

As reported, in mid-September, the delegation of the development Fund enterprise Estonia (EAS) went on a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. The delegation consisted of 34 people, including Taavi Rõivas and his wife, Louise, who paid for the trip themselves and during the stay of the delegation in Malaysia was vacationing in Bali.

Part of the delegation, including Rivas, after visiting Singapore, went to Malaysia. There after the official events, some participants went to a bar, inviting with a operating in Malaysia Estonians and other people with whom they met during the trip — mostly women.

A party with cocktails from spirits soon got out of control, writes Delfi.ee. One of the members of the delegation specially poured his companion a drink, stating that he wanted to make her wet. Another woman pushed in the pool — it has affected her clothes and all she had with him. Sober the culprit promised to compensate the damage. The third incident related to sexual harassment, according to the portal. One of the members of the delegation struck up a conversation with lady Catherine (name changed), who lives in Malaysia. After some time, the interlocutor asked her to dance, while dancing against her, and then pulled off the dance floor, squeezed between two refrigerators, and kissed it.

Assumptions about the fact that the man who molested Catherine and other women, was a former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas, at the moment officially is not confirmed.

Rivas from March 2014 to November 2016 was the Prime Minister of Estonia. From 2014 to January 2017, he headed the reform Party. In December 2016 was elected Vice-speaker of Riigikogu.

19 August this year held wedding of Rivas with singer Louise Wark. They live together since 2007, they have two children — eight-year-old daughter Mina Rihanna and a son Herman, born in December of last year.