Previously, Western agencies, citing Israeli army sources reported that was shot down a Russian UAV. However, the press service of the IDF officially is not confirmed.

Fedutinov thinks that the Patriot missile was shot down UAV "Bee" — for smaller complex would not be involved. "These UAVs ("Bee") has previously been observed in the skies of Syria, that is, they were in this theater of operations. Second, according to reports, these drones previously sold to Syria. Here could be delivered and other Russian drones of a smaller class. But hardly against them would be involved such air defense systems of Israel," — said the expert.

Media published information that the Israeli military before the attack received confirmation from the Russian military in Syria that the drone that appeared near the border of Israel, not theirs. In the IDF is not commenting.

Theoretically UAVs Syrian army could be both Russian and Iranian production. It is also possible that it could run not by the Syrian military and the militants "Hezbollah". However, as marks NEWSru Israel, "Bee" markedly different path from all known Iranian drones operating in the skies over Syria.

Commenting on the incident, defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel took very seriously any attempt to violate its sovereignty and will strongly react to any provocation: "We will not allow the Shiite axis to gain a foothold in Syria, turning it into an attacking foothold against us".