It was the fourth match of the series between Angarsk "Yermak" Artur Ozolinsh and Almetyevsk "Oilman", which is the first captain in the history of Riga "Dinamo" Alexey Shirokov. On the ice "Ermak" gave battle: the team twice came from behind (0:1, 1:2), twice to equalize and then in the middle of the third period after throwing the Latvian striker came forward. But, just for a second... 24: guests quickly restored the balance, and in overtime and snatched the win— 3:4.

Apart from the two goals and assists, Ozolins in this match for 17.5 minutes of playing time have won 10 of 15 face-offs and earned the highest possible team in the coefficient of usefulness of "3". Shirokov from the camp of the enemy said 2 shots for 15.5 minutes spent on the ice, and also won 13 of 23 face-offs and finished the meeting with a negative result "-1".

The score in the quarterfinal series of the Cup Bratina became 3-1 in favor of "Netica", which has all chances to finish the series in the next game at home already.

Even better value than Ozolinsh scored in the playoff game of the championship Slovakia defender Janis Anderson. His "Zvolen" defeated in the fourth game of confrontation "Poprad" (6:1). However, Anderson himself scored no points but ended the meeting with a coefficient "4", "Zvolen" now leads the series 3-1.

In the other quarter-finals Slovakian championship "bańska Bystrica" in composition with another former captain Riga "Dinamo" George Pacem defeated in overtime "Dukla" from Trencin (1:0) and also leads the series 3-1. Puac in this match was marked by a small fine and a positive coefficient usefulness "1".

There in Slovakia, "piešťany", martinis, Hipsters already lost the second match of the tournament for the right to stay in the elite division, losing 2:4 "Novi Locks", color which protects another Latvian defender of martinis Yakovlev.

Finally, in the semifinals the Belarusian Extraliga "Gomel" Edijs Brahmanic lost Soligorsk Shakhtar — 0:2 and now loses a series to four victories— 2-3.