Slinky — not so close

Sometimes to find the balance between the tight dress and frankly tight clothing is complicated. But the little black dress absolutely should not turn on you too small, otherwise, instead of the promised elegance you risk creating just a vulgar way. Ideally, the dress should fit your body so that others could not see underneath the seams of the underwear.

Purchase corrective underwear

Of course, each of us would like to have a body without flaws, but if nature has not blessed you with options Bella Hadid, this does not mean that you something worse. You are unique! Beautiful! And your body regardless of the size of clothes should feel that way! But others absolutely do not need to know that in the moment you spanx. If you're going to try on some particularly slinky dress, shapewear can help you look fit and sexy all over. By the way, Beyonce wears such clothes in every speech!

You should not wear leggings instead of pants

To be perfectly blunt: leggings in any case does not replace your pants! They are designed to be worn UNDER clothes (for example, with a long tunic or dress shirt). In addition, the leggings fit close to the most perfect legs, and because fabrics can look transparent despite the dark color. If excessive crimping of the problem areas you do not bother — get yourself a Regency. They are made of thicker fabric, and much more like real pants.

The perfect pencil skirt

The skirt of this model is one of the basic things any stylish wardrobe. This style looks equally good as skinny girls, and the owners of magnificent forms.

Complete the image of the right kind of shoes

Pay attention to the shoes! Avoid straps, covered ankle — they visually shorten the legs. Choose classic, neutral model. Remember a small trick: stiletto heel color "Nude" visually make your legs longer and slimmer.

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The size of the handbag matters

If you do not attend the theatre or Opera every day, don't carry petite handbags. This accessory needs to be in proportion with your figure. Too small handbag will emphasize your extraordinary form is not the best way. Make a choice in favor bags medium size.

Get your own tailor

To create an expensive image is very important, not only size, but also fit your clothes. If store-bought outfits don't always look at you the way that you want — it's time to think about their personal tailor. A good master will not only create for you unique garments, but will also make any clothes fit you like a glove.

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