"The barricades because there was no war of liberation. It was just the barricades. [Soviet] army withdrew without shooting. We all remember how this happened. It was clear that with great power (USSR) collapses, the Lord sent us his blessing through freedom," she said.

As a result, people gained independence, is not able to assess its benefits to the fullest. "They think they now should always be covered with a beautiful table with a white tablecloth that themselves do not need to work and think. What you need to feel a citizen and consumer, to whom all submit. Are going to England, and then again begin "give me, Give me". And that's a pity that they are given. It is better that so many did not give" — said the lasman.

4 may 1990, when Latvia regained independence, she remembers with joy. "I, who lived in Latvia first, it always seemed that these horrors (the occupation of Latvia) could not exist. In their 15-16 years old I had to see how the two totalitarian forces are trampling our land, fighting among themselves. I own not have any control over their state and their land," — said human rights activist.