At Nonna didn't have a husband and children, she lived with her elderly mother who for health reasons need to care for. Neighbor remembers Andrey Babichev, a few years ago, Nonna fell and broke his arm, and then underwent several unsuccessful operations.

It is known that earlier the woman worked at the factory, and then, after graduating, got a job in the library. After injury she had to quit because Nonna couldn't lift weights. With great difficulty she managed to obtain the 3rd degree disability pension. In 2009 her mother passed, and a woman could survive on my disability pension.

A neighbor remembers that Nonna was a very decent, neat and intelligent woman. She was barely able to make ends meet, he often gave her in debt some money. In 2009 Andrey Babichev left for earnings to Russia and appeared in Riga only sporadically. Home the neighbor came back last fall, then learned about the death of his mother Nonna. He thought it strange that disappeared and Nonna herself. He was going to write a statement to the police, but was distracted by some things. Andrew believes that a neighbor died of starvation.

"Terrible death," sums up Andrew.

Initially in the media appeared information that the door to the apartment Forbis hacked thieves, but it's not. On January 11, a neighbor noticed Lydia at the door of Nonna of people in working clothes, who tried to open the door. Then came the municipal police and state police. Babaitsev asked whether they found in the apartment the body. They replied that nothing suspicious in the house was not. However, exactly a month later on the scene again returned, 11 February the mummified body of Nonna Verbis found in the living room: she lay on the floor between the window and the sofa.

The State center for forensic medical examination explained that to establish the exact date of death is impossible. It is known that the last time neighbors saw Nonna ferbis the spring of 2011. Representatives of the company Latvijas gaze pointed. That last payment was made in 2009, but the performance counters were submitted before February 2011.

Neighbors say that for a long time thought that Nonna went somewhere: anything suspicious they have not seen and not heard, also the long period didn't smell anything. The smell first became alarming in 2012-2013. But in the dispensation referred to problems with sewage.

Nonna and her mother had not exercised the right to privatize their apartments. On February 1, 2012, the living became the property of the Riga self-government. Nonna always tried to pay the rent, the debt on utility bills for November 2011 amounted to 682 lats. When you consider that the woman could die in March of the same year, the debt at that time amounted to only about 200 LVL. Debt was growing rapidly, so the Board decided to send a letter to the city Council to find out who owns the problematic apartment. And got the answer — the government.

Then began numerous litigation on the debt. The next meeting of the court was appointed on 7 October 2015, followed by an appeal. Paradox: Nonna Forbis long dead and the proceedings against her are still not over: the next meeting was scheduled for March 9, 2016.

The paradox in the fact that, on 11 February in the apartment found the body of Nonna, and 17 February, the management sent her another invoice. In it, for example, indicated that during the month Firbas spent on water 7,78 euros, 7, 54 euros to be paid for water heating.

The representative of the enterprise Rigas namu pārvaldnieks Santa Valume explained that in 2013 employees of the management came to Nonna Firbas, however, the door no one opened. As the owner of the housing was of working age, workers had no reason to believe that she died. Accordingly, to crack the door and enter the apartment would be a violation.

It is noteworthy that in official documents, nowhere is it stated that the apartment on Ranka dambis 7/9 was found the body of the owner of the apartment, but the papers said premises there is an urgent need to disinfect.

Both are buried in Riga lonely people? If the person is known, he's cremated, the urn is fixed a plate with first and last name. When I get to 50 urn, bury them together on Jaunciema or Bolgarskom cemetery. If the identity of the deceased is unknown, cremation is forbidden: it is buried in a separate sector on Jaunciems cemetery and establish a concrete plate with the inscription: "Unknown".

Neighbors want to bury Nonna to a human being. They believe that suffered during his life, the woman deserves a decent farewell. At the funeral of handicapped 3-1 group the law provides for the allocation of two pensions. However, from 1 January 2016 to ask for such allowance only for six months from the date of death of the disabled person. No exceptions the law on this issue does not provide. And such case is not only for Latvia. Who prevents to Supplement the law, for example, the statement that such benefit must be given within six months from the day the body was found, is unknown. Perhaps in this way the state is going to budget savings.