Visit to hospital is always stressful, especially for the little man. It so happened that this month one girl and one boy had to endure not the most pleasant moments in the walls of medical facilities. And let, something wrong, the doctors, the parents, one thing is clear – the children should not suffer. We hope that our small gift will allow children to forget about the pain and smile. Card Galactico has emerged in the amount of 30 euros get Svetlana for the articleVisit a disabled child to the doctor turned into the exam." and Alex, who shared the story "Four hours in a queue with a broken finger. Security why the Children's hospital put a father with a child behind the door".

In the competition for the best picture title won Catherine, which sent as many as 10 (!) options. Among them the best was recognized the following: "While no one sees, run me to the store for sausage." The winner was chosen by the owner of the dog, and that's how he commented on his choice: "I liked this version because he is truthful. Multiple times when Ted ran here, he ran to the local store, where it fed a saleswoman". It should be noted that Ekaterina sent this month also two interesting reportage, which caused heated debate among readers "The intricacies of pharmacy math, or when 50% discount on medication is not really 50%" and "Greetings from
Sunny California! And did you get a call from a suspicious number?
" So that the gift card is deserved by the author at all 100%.

The editorial Board decided to award also the owner of the dog, Yuri: "Ted a seed, so it can no longer run to the store".

With every of the winners we will contact personally.

The editorial office of "DELFI Reporter recalls: in may launched a new prize draw! Looking forward to your reports!

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