Topical floral prints every spring, and they are widely used in the collections of Nostalgia and Tuxedo Jardin. While the first collection was dominated by exquisite lightness, pastel hues and the play of translucent fabrics, the second appears to be a bright,very feminine and rich — vibrant floral motifs are beautifully woven and blended with pink at the corners of clothes, creating a playful and cute image.

For the collection of Wilma characteristic floral motifs and richness of delicate and fine lace. Although print may vary, delicate lace patterns tell their own story — about a romantic, full of sensuality and mysterious hidden sexuality, which is revealed only to those who dare to come closer.

April dawn embodies a collection of Dreambird, executed in orange-pastel tones, reminiscent of a juicy and soft orange sorbet and promises Paradise to catch the bird of happiness by the tail.