"I myself live in Purvciems, so I have no hands to shove through the city, just to see - I need my case to go to them or not. After futile attempts to get through to the station, I dialed the Bureau of internal security. The voice on the phone asked me to call back in 15 minutes, which I did.

It turned out they also can't reach boldery. Then the girl on the other end suddenly disappeared, was silent for 30 seconds. After a pause, asked: "can You hear me?" "Yes,' she replied. I'm just thinking what to do".

Edward asked to dial 110, there is connected the c Riga Kurzeme plot, and that, in turn, for some reason with the municipal police, although it needed a state. In the end, after reviewing the case, the team threw up his hands - but not to us.

Edward didn't give up. He decided to contact Balderick the site via e-mail. But there is no answer, nor greetings. The system is notified that the message was successfully delivered, but no response from the police was not followed.

"It seems that Baldereschi plot exists only on paper! There is a building, boss, inspector, duty of, but to get through to them is impossible. And, by the way, this is not the first time. Six months ago was the same!"

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