"Everyone knows that on the sidewalk and the Playground for beating carpets to put their machines is impossible. But due to the shortage of places the police in this case no one was fined. It is important not to block the road to the garbage trucks and pedestrians. But, on the street and Salas 13 for three consecutive days, fined all those who violated. All anything, are to blame. But in the next house on the same street (Salas 9), no one fine. Although there is the green area are. I decided to look further, and Salas 5 - three cars on the sidewalk without penalty. Going further, Salas 3, two cars on the sidewalk without penalty. That is, punish exactly one yard. I think if you punish, then all offenders, and not selectively".

The police "DELFI Reporter" reported that the yard at Salas 13 included in the route patrol crews Latgale police Department of government in response to a statement about regular violations of traffic rules. "In the above case, it is not about the selective attitude of the police towards the residents of the particular court, and about the reaction of the police received information about a particular address. The police can not respond to the statements and calls from residents about prevent the passage or parked in the green spaces cars – says the representative of the Riga municipal police Lasma Zemene. - As for the other yards nearby street and Salas, it was only in April of this year, our staff ten times there were protocols about violations of Parking rules".

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