"For a long time here did not have any signs of a pedestrian crossing, - writes a reader Oleg. - Some time ago on the sidewalk appeared tactile tiles installed at pedestrian crossings designed for visually impaired people. While there is no mandatory attributes of a pedestrian crossing: the traffic signal/ sign/ markings. Thus, the already dangerous situation, getting worse by the fact that visually impaired or blind person, feeling tactile tile, you may think what is at the crosswalk and walk on the carriageway.

The intersection is on the route of pedestrians from public transport to social services. This route passes a large flow of people, including the elderly, pensioners and the disabled.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the intersection is difficult for drivers and heavily loaded cars. To wait for a situation where there are no cars and you can safely cross the road, in the daytime very difficult. You have to go on the roadway and wait until the drivers who are not required to do that, miss.

Many times he personally helped the elderly cross the road, cars stopping gesture".

According to Oleg, there are several solutions to the problem:

  1. Installation of the sign "Pedestrian crossing" and the markings "Zebra".
  2. In addition it is possible to install traffic lights:
  • Traffic light for pedestrians with a pedestrian button switch green on-demand.
  • Lights, fully regulating the movement of pedestrians and vehicles at this intersection.

A letter outlining the problems and options of its solution, Oleg was sent to all responsible service. The answer came from the Department of the message of the Riga city Council. Here is what is written officials:

"Hello, 200 metres from the specified place there is a pedestrian crossing equipped with appropriate traffic signs and lighting. When completed the fourth stage of construction of the Eastern highway from the streets of Ieriku street Vietalvas (work is scheduled to begin in the next few years), in the street at Braslas street iericu greatly reduced the intensity of traffic. This site will mostly be used to get to the estate, and not for transit".

When machines become less – to cross the road will be easier – make the officials.

"Now pedestrians must cross the carriageway at the above mentioned crosswalk or cross the road to the specified place according to the rules of the road".

At the end of a formal letter marking: "Šis ir sagatavots automātiski e-pasts. Lūdzu, neatbildiet!".

"Thus, the debate is excluded, and the questions remain, - says Oleg. - Main from them: say, this place is really not provided in the crosswalk is inconvenient for pedestrians, let them. Then on what basis is this place laid tactile tiles, who paid for this work, who is responsible?"