The myth which is spread among some drivers that the car better be washed by hand, akin to the myth that a manual transmission better than automatic. New, particularly gentle foam brushes and more professional cleaners are proof that car wash technology is evolving and becoming better.

High-quality cleaning

High-quality cleaning with new foam brushes provide fast and gentle cleaning, which can not be achieved in the home. Brush made from especially soft material, which makes them more gentle than a plastic brush, but be as effective and gentle on the paint.

Innovative wax

Following the latest global and European trends in the field of car care, gas stations Statoil available innovative wax which not only gives Shine to the body but also renews and protects it.

Protective wax with the effect of repulsion of water and dirt* is the latest technology designed for the most discerning drivers. Its main advantage is:

  • pronounced luster