Note that the mandatory transition to the unified electronic system has been repeatedly postponed. At first it was on January 1, 2016, then the deadline was postponed to 1 December 2016 and 1 September 2017.

This time firmly resolved by 1 January 2018 all medical institutions and pharmacies must be connected to "e-health". If this requirement is not met, the Ministry of health was not made to a specific doctor or facility contract for the provision of services that kompensiruet government.

As notes the edition, all hospitals, this requirement is already fulfilled, so the hospitals don't worry they will receive state funding. The system is also connected 60% of hospitals, 97% of pharmacies.

Different situation with the practices of family doctors, while less than half (42%) is "e-health". And this may provoke new conflicts between the health Ministry and organizations of family physicians.

The head of the Latvian Association of family doctors Samite Weide noted that the Ministry is forcing family doctors to connect to a poor quality of e-system, will suffer as a result, both practitioners and patients. Still not clear what would happen if part of a family doctors will not sign a contract with the state for the next year.