Sky stresses that the threat was considered so serious that the head of the British counterintelligence service MI-5, Andrew Parker, was on Tuesday invited to the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers with a report on the situation.

Two suspected of planning a terrorist attack on Downing street was arrested in London and Birmingham is a 20-year-old Rahman Naimur Zechariah (Zakariyah Naa'imur Rahman) and 21-year-old Mohammed AKIB, Imran (Imran Mohammed Aqib).

According to Sky, they planned to blow up the bag with a homemade bomb at the entrance to the residence of the Prime Minister, and then using the resulting confusion to attack Mei with knives. These data lead other British media — The Daily Mail and the Independent. The latest edition adds that during the briefing in the government Parker reported on the prevention of nine terrorist attacks since the beginning of this year. The attacks, which failed to prevent, claimed 36 lives.

The Daily Mail indicates that young Islamists are believed to be intelligence agencies, was inspired by the terrorist attacks "Islamic state"*, however, did not receive support from abroad. According to the newspaper, when planning the attack, they encountered difficulties with obtaining explosives.

The official representative of Scotland Yard refused to confirm information about the arrest of Rahman and Imran is associated with the planning of the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister, may. It is known that a pair of alleged terrorists have been indicted. On Wednesday, they will appear before the magistrate's court in Westminster.