According to the publication, in the government communications Centre (GCHQ, the intelligence service responsible for information security of the British authorities) suspect that the FSB uses the software of this company for spying on important foreign purposes - for example, for employees of the government or military of the United Kingdom.

Barclays wants to stop cooperation with Kaspersky

Barclays Bank, which in 2008 offers its clients free use software "Kaspersky Lab", intends to cease cooperation with the company, Eugene Kaspersky, notes The Financial Times. At the same time Barclays said that the decision on termination of the contract with "Kaspersky Lab" caused by commercial reasons, and the Bank has not received any notification or advice from GCHQ. Evidence that someone from Barclays customers who have installed Kaspersky anti-virus, had been spying, no, the newspaper said.

18 September, the U.S. Senate voted to ban the use of the software "Kaspersky Lab" Federal agencies, citing the fact that this company can be a tool of the Kremlin and pose a threat to national security. This amendment gave legislative effect to the decision of the administration of President Donald trump, previously prescribed for all civilian government institutions to uninstall Kaspersky from their information networks.