Along the way, the authors answer questions related to the great equation: what is energy? What is mass? As the speed of light is associated with them? In search of an answer they, along with the reader get to the Large hadron Collider in Switzerland, explain why we can only move forward in time, and as the objects of our three-dimensional world moving in four-dimensional time-space. If you want to understand the theory of relativity and deal with the world's most famous equation — this is the book for you. It's about how and what is actually woven our world.

About the authors. Brian Cox is an English physicist, studying particle physics. Known science popularizer, lecturer, and the recipient of numerous professional awards and prizes. A member of the Royal society and Professor at the University of Manchester, a member of high energy Physics at Manchester University, the ATLAS project at the Large hadron Collider. Author of "Wonders of the Universe" and "Wonders of the Solar system", the presenter of popular science programmes on the BBC.

Jeff Forshaw is Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Manchester, co-author of several popular books on physics. The winner of the Maxwell medal for outstanding achievements in theoretical physics.

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