In an average week, the Latvian pavilion is visited by about 10 thousand people, and approximately 40% of them are directed first of all to examine prototype hydrogen-powered locomotive, while another 15% of visitors end their visit a detailed inspection of the locomotive.

Any visitor of the Latvian pavilion could not only see the prototype of the locomotive, but also to take advantage of augmented reality to explore it in more detail.

Visitors interested in the hydrogen engine, for the most part associated with the rail transportation industry, are public institutions and the media. They are interested in the technical capabilities of hydrogen-powered locomotive — develop speed, load and capacity, while ensuring the passenger traffic and economic impact.

Exhibition "Astana EXPO 2017" will be held from 10 June to 10 September. Its leading motive is "Future Energy" or "energy of the future" that includes both innovations and perspectives for future development. In the light of such a motive LDz says the exhibition as on the directions of logistics in the Eurasian region and new technological solutions.