Overall, of the total number of signatories for the preservation of bilingual education in Latvia voted 76% residents, 4% of residents of Daugavpils, 3% — Jelgava, 2% — in Liepaja and Jurmala. They also found that 68% of signatories were women, 32% men.

With regard to the age composition of the support of bilingual education, about 32% of the total number of signatories — people aged 35 to 44, 31% from 25 to 34 years, 14% — from 45 to 54 years old, almost 14% — from 55 to 64 years 5% over 65, 4% — from 16 to 24 years.

As reported, in late October back on the portal Manabalss.lv commenced collecting signatures for the preservation of bilingual education in Latvia. The author of the initiative — Denis Bartecki. For two weeks the initiative has collected 10 thousand signatures.

The activist urged to subscribe against the intention of the Ministry of education and science to introduce teaching in Latvian in all minority schools. "If the plans of the Minister of education Karlis Sadurskis are realized, we risk to cause irreparable harm to the quality of education. The education of our children. Our children" — says Bartecki.

In his view, the reform of the children will be harder to master the course material, so their knowledge compared to the knowledge of the Latvian children who are learning their native language, deteriorates. "To master the basic Sciences, e.g., chemistry or physics, in a language that is not native, more difficult," — said Bartecki. It is also unclear who and how to explain the Russian children in the Latvian language grammar of the English language.

Bartecki outraged by the fact that Sadurskis no clear statement of the society a plan for reform, and human resources. He refers to the President of Latvia Raymond Vejonis, who said that if the reform is introduced immediately, it can cause problems with the training of teachers.

"To you and to us quite clear that questions of language always appear on the agenda just before the election. Let us not make our kids pawns in the hands of politicians!" — he calls.

As reported, Sadurskis announced a plan to 2020/2021 school year to translate learning in secondary schools is entirely in Latvian language.