As told by the former head of the Department of Ivars Jakovels, the day before the first meeting of Jelgava Duma of the new convocation of the party was decided for violations of the Charter to eliminate elected to the Duma Sergei Stolyarov. This act angered the Riga office, and in retaliation the decision was made to "the reorganization".

The jakovels considers that such decision of the Board "kind of appreciated the active and effective work of office, which the third convocation in a row provides the second highest representation of MPs in Jelgava municipality", Lsm

In turn, the leader of the "Consent" nil Ushakov said the Agency LETA that "everyone will only get better from that left the party those who for years supported the atmosphere of intrigue." He also said that the reforms in Jelgava "has been forced", as it is the office of "Consent" showed "very poor results in the last elections to the Sejm and the two last elections to self-government".