Recalling the recent meeting of the working group of Latvian and Russian Railways, E. Berzins noted that it was also discussed issues of further cooperation in the framework of the international corridors, the most famous of which is the New silk road, connecting China. At the same time evolving and new corridor from India, Iran and Azerbaijan to Europe, which is also included in the sphere of interests of both Latvia and Russia.

It is expected that this week at the meeting of the intergovernmental Commission will hear confirmation that Latvia and Russia are stable business partners, who can count and others involved in the transport corridor of the state, said the President of Latvian railway. "We cannot allow companies in these countries have invested their money in the creation of the corridor, and the corridor was not working because of the sanctions or for other reasons," he said.

E. Berzins points out: "No LDz, nor Russian Railways does not belong to one ton of transported goods. Any of the cargo is the owner, and they hired a logistics company who is looking for a load the best way. Their joint opinion and determines the routes of transportation of cargoes". President of LDz emphasizes that Latvia still remains the best transit route for Russian goods, which is confirmed by the initial demands of the Russian cargo owners for the use of Latvian transit corridor.

President of LDz said that in the first half of the volume of rail cargo, compared with the year 2016, rose slightly, however, when splitting cargo volume by quarters of positive trends there. On the one hand, this is due to the seasonality of travel, as the largest volumes have traditionally belonged to the coal and oil the goods that consumers need in winter and in summer, these amounts may not balance the increase in transportation of grain and other types of cargo. "On the other hand, the volume of goods transported is less than the owners earlier in the month claimed for transportation by the Russian Railways and further on to Latvia our ports. Preliminary enquiries for the summer was no less, and in some months — even more than in the winter. All this suggests that from an economic point of view, our transit route is interesting for customers," — concludes E. Berzins, pointing at the same time that he hoped the meeting of the intergovernmental Commission and its decision that the mutual sanctions should not affect the transit.

He also notes that it appreciated the expertise of both co-chairs of the Commission — the Latvian and Russian Ministers of transport and their mutual interest in the development of the industry. "They really want to understand the situation from the business point of view. This should lead to the decisions on the common understanding on the need of traffic", says the President of LDz.