As noted by the Chairman of the Board of "Mosaic" Christine Garin, the situation in the field of rights of sexual minorities in Latvia is not happy to hear about high-profile cases, overt discrimination against them, have to deal with such situations and attitudes, which, it seemed, were in the distant past. However, the good news is that society notices these events and is not silent, she added.

According to her, "Baltic pride 2018" in Riga will be an important signal to the Latvian authorities and legislators of the unacceptability of the situation when representatives of sexual minorities are not considered full and equal members of society.

"Baltic pride 2018" in Riga will consist of 100 events, which will raise the question of the rights of sexual minorities in Latvia, Baltic States and throughout the EU. It will begin March 3 and will last one hundred days, its main week will be week 4 through June 10. The culmination of the "Baltic pride" will be a street procession on 9 June.