Initially each of the intelligence services operated in Latvia alone, writes (the full text of the documents translated into Russian). This led to the conflict: the Americans have already launched their operation but had to stop it after protests by the MI-6. Then followed the "negotiation" meeting in London. Swedish intelligence agencies invited to participate were not, although the British and said the Americans have some joint with the Swedes interests.

According to dated April of 1952 the report that the CIA planned the landing of agents in Kurzeme and informed the MI-6. "With this information, the British responded immediately by cablegram protest against our choice of landing zones on the Kurzeme Peninsula, and stating that such an operation would risk the assets of MI-6 in this area that the MI-6 is in contact with the partisans in the Kurzeme and has adequate intelligence and operational coverage", - the document says. As a result, the CIA has reviewed the operation and decided to postpone it until the autumn of 1952.

29 may 1952, representatives of the CIA and MI-6 held a meeting during which it was established that in the Latvian SSR Britain has successfully scored their agents, and are they adequately provide for the needs of intelligence agencies. In Lithuania, the situation was becoming "increasingly difficult" because of accelerated Sovietization was accompanied by a "dissipation of the Lithuanian population and the apparent hopelessness of the struggle for independence." In Estonia, the MI-6 was only one agent, but the secret service regarded this Republic as a good springboard for the expansion of intelligence activities to the East.

Following the meeting it was decided that the CIA will conduct its operations in Latvia without the use of British resources. Two intelligence agencies have agreed to conduct a pilot joint operation in Lithuania in the spring of 1953.

Previously it was reported that in the spring of 2017 on the official server of the CIA to the public was posted numerous declassified documents. Some of them refers to the period 1940-1960-ies. Before the publication of the documents was removed almost all the names, and also any instructions to "calculate" the sources and agents, been expunged.