Border guards gave the Chinese, who were fishing in 200-mile economic zone of Argentina, audible and visual alarms.

However, the ship-infringer Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 turned off the lights and ignored attempts to make contact, it is spoken in the message published on the Agency's website.

After that the Chinese boat was to leave into international waters, and the coast guard began the persecution. When the ship-the infringer tried to deliberately collide with a vehicle of the border guards, the Argentines opened fire on the schooner. The resulting damage led to the sinking of the vessel.

On the website of the coast guard of Argentina published the video, which shot the ship after the fire.

The crew of the sinking of the schooner or four, including the captain - were saved by border guards. "No deaths have been registered. The crew was rescued and sent to the port of Madryn", - said the head of the coast guard Miguel angel Reyes.

Now offenders have to answer to the court of justice of Argentina for fishing in the coastal waters of the country.