• Arrested Catalan separatists will be able to stand for Parliament

  • The leaders of the separatist movement in Catalonia will be able to participate in elections on 21 December, despite the arrest.

    All who "deceived the citizens of Catalonia", including Carles Pujdeme shall be disqualified as a policy. This was stated by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Tuesday, November 14, in his first interview after applying 155th article of the Constitution in respect of Catalan autonomy.

    At the same time in conversation with the host of the radio "Cope" in Madrid, he stressed that all the leaders of the separatist movement, is currently in custody, will be able to participate in the regional elections in Catalonia, because their court is not forbidden to engage in politics. "Such a prohibition might only follow from a judicial sentence, and he were not rendered," said Rajoy.

    In this regard, the Prime Minister urged citizens of Catalonia to ensure a high turnout in the election, came to power parties that do not support the separation of the region from Spain. He also doubted that the arrested politicians be able to perform their functions if elected, but sentenced to prison.

    Recall from the beginning of November, eight former members of the government of Catalonia are in pretrial detention, and Pujdeme and four of his associates hiding in Belgium. The Supreme court of Spain issued a European warrant for their arrest, the Belgian court has to make a decision it until 18 November.

    Early parliamentary elections in Catalonia scheduled for December 21. After the elections and the election of a new Parliament 155 article expires.

    Source: Russian service DW


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