The report concluded that Russia's political system "is not able to reform and is faced with challenges such as increasing economic hardship, crumbling infrastructure, and conflicting elite".

Petrov described the three possible scenarios. The first is "regime change" and the otherwise, when the current Russian political system will collapse under the pressure of sanctions and low oil prices", the article says journalist Rabena F. Johnson.

The other two scenarios, in which the system can avoid collapse, Petrov joined under the name "exit strategy".

According to the analyst, the second scenario is that oil Prices in the near future, rise or Russia chooses constructive cooperation with the West".

The third scenario — the "exit strategy, which involves the replacement of Putin by another leader and the restoration of government legitimacy in the eyes of Russians and the international community".

Other analysts were skeptical of the "exit strategies" that outlined Petrov. In their view, the rise in oil prices and the normalization of relations with the West is unlikely.

Also American edition The Free Beacon recalls the creation of the National guard, subordinate to Putin personally, which thereby strives to consolidate his power". And democratic reforms in Russia, which recognizes and Peter himself, in the near future hardly will anyone be held.