City mayor Aivars Lembergs gave Tuesday a press conference at which, among other things, the smithereens blew innovations from the Ministry of education, so actively discussed today. Actually depriving students of the ability to choose the language exams was not the main topic of the press conference, where the more there was said about the ill-fated "business oligarchs" (of course). But when we are talking about the examination the initiative of the Minister Sadurskis, the mayor in expressions did not hesitate. Even accused the Ministry of education in creating security threats in the country.

So, the two most high-profile political story of the last time — "business oligarchs" and another good surprise for the Russian schools — finally. Confirming the worst fears of patriots notebook: the main enemies of ordinary Latvian inhabitant, the occupants, and parasite, was at the same time.

But you can see in this and the mutual support of the political losers. After all, the paradoxes of local politics is such that powerful and the mayor is a millionaire, and, say, party, formal winner of the parliamentary elections are outcasts, untouchables suspects. Conventionally Russian political forces and the oligarch Lembergs, not because non-system against the system arose: on the contrary, they bought a place in it. But the system in the face of the ruling bureaucratic caste of their stubbornly rejects for caste, sect, necessary for the cohesion of the enemy. The enemy is a stranger. Bureaucrat-nationalist of a stranger — a businessman and a foreigner.

That's why the "business oligarchs", this is pulled from the grave, politko-legal dead, and voluptuous sadistic exercises Sadurskis unrequited Russian schools — just different fronts of the United defence. Defence breech feeders-waterers, for which the ruling bureaucracy will fight to the last tycoon, until recently, a Russian scholar. The closer the parliamentary elections, the uncompromising struggle.

Russian (or rather, bilingual) average (that's right, now basic) education is, it's that this dog's tail can be cut off another piece of at any moment, agreeing with the political calendar. The oligarchs, like, a little difficult — simply because of their "business" lock, stock and barrel to squeeze a few years ago. But as it turned out, even this had once eaten food is not a problem to feed the Latvian audience is secondary.

If there is happening something strange — it is only the willingness of companies to take such stupid and frankly the imposed agenda. But if the same nonsense about oligarchy and the Russian threat consistently meets among the target groups understanding and approval — so the last thing you want in this case to do is appeal to common sense.

Let's face the truth: joining in indignant discussion of the initiatives of the Ministry of education, we have never had and go on about. When we cut Sadurskis words, which is famous for our non-state language, Sadurskis a sweet smiles.

Let's face the truth: the Russian school in Latvia — already dead. It will certainly finish, and there is nothing we would not do it. Could — did. And if still not done — so you can't. Do not possess sufficient political resources (by the way, and available resources is doomed to decline — along with the percentage of the Russian population). Just modulepath our school will continue gradually, slowly, painfully — that to suffer.

To resent the new rules regarding language exams pointless not because the rules are good. But because the disturbance does Russian students will not help, but Sadurskis and dividends add.

As to the inconvenience for these students, the need for a longer transition period and other reasons of a humanitarian nature that they, of course, want to support. However, my head tells me that in a country where higher education language a single, perfect hold on the language is a passport to social mobility.

Typical — and extremely unpleasant if you think about it — the idea was dropped recently (just due to the new examination regulations) the head of Department of education of Rezekne region. Supposedly, it would be better to leave teaching in Russian in vocational schools, where often there are those who in school is bad.

It is a fact that national and linguistic division of society, the farther, the clearer is projected onto the social. — Latvian language universities, the language of the educated, the language of the elite. Russian — language vocational schools, workers, techonlogy (in the worst case — delossantos). At least, all to go. Want to wear a white — collar speak Latvian as the Latvian.

The longer Russian student is in grace (and in fact unknown) language conditions, the less the motivation to learn for exams Latvian to perfection — and, consequently, less chance to pass these exams with distinction.

The path to education — that is, high social status, to successful realization of the Russian children in Latvia is through the national language. Lies today and in the future the situation will be even more evident and harder. Do not speak in Latvian? So, sure loser.

However, this is only half the battle.

Because really-and succeed-knowledge of the state — a condition necessary, but absolutely insufficient.

Because Latvian is the language of the state is very small and very provincial. And most importantly (and bad) to persist in their provincialism. What are the prospects for science, arts, business?

I want to achieve in life do a lot to teach not only Latvian. But English, German, French, even Chinese. Teach — and leave Latvia.

It sounds unpatriotic and seditious — but honestly. For the specifics of Latvia that the ceiling is to become a high-ranking official. Large — by local standards, the world is microscopic. Become the kind Sadurskis. Even, perhaps, not Lembergs — because if the relationship of the state with the business we have and will continue to be built according to the usual pattern of "oligarchs" here is translated completely. To the General joy of the common people and the bureaucratic cream.

Want to fly to Mars, take action, to roll over billions of good riddance from Latvia. Suitcase-station-world. In Latvia nothing doing, and in the future — at the current rate, how much more so will not. It will ban foreign words to dismiss the foreign rectors, to struggle with Russian names, the continued Soviet occupation, chant the eternal sad "Putin-get-Latvia-on-the-platter" (see sparkling statement writer Ozols), create a Commission on closed still in the year of the "oligarchic" business. And itself belongs to this country is a sign of personal failure.

Live in Latvia? So, sure loser.