The rank assigned to the chief of SFRs Oscar Abolins (pictured) and his Deputy Kristaps Alonso.

Abolins to the rank of Colonel was awarded in November 2014. He served with the rank of Colonel, more than half of the deadline set for receiving the rank of General.

Abolins is required by regulations, education, and evaluation of its activities corresponds to the result of A1. The requirements of the normative acts comply with the health and physical training. Given all the above the rank of General assigned him ahead of schedule.

Alons, served with the rank of Colonel all set to obtain the rank of General a period of five years.

Also the rank of General has a Deputy chief of police, the chief of the Riga regional management Juris sulte.

General receives additional payment for special rank 167 euros, Colonel — 135 euros, an ordinary 14 Euro.