We have selected for you a list of 9 myths about nutrition. Enjoy delicious food, lose weight and feel great!

Stereotypes of proper nutrition

9 главенствующих мифов о правильном питании
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There is after 18:00 is bad
Not to eat after 6 PM — it is a crime against your body. Now almost all go to bed later than people did in the last century. Fasting appears only negatively affect your health.
The truth is, not to eat 3 hours before bedtime. Try to cook for dinner easy, low-calorie meals.

Fats harmful

9 главенствующих мифов о правильном питании
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Many people still believe that fats are harmful for the body. But it is actually not possible without them proper metabolism. Without the help of fats are not absorbed, some vitamins, faster aging skin, dim hair and suffer from liver.

But this does not mean that you must consume French fries, cakes, mayonnaise. We are talking about healthy fats. They can be found in nuts, olive, Flaxseed and peanut oil, avocado, red fish and some other foods.
They are very well saturate the body, and the person doesn't feel hungry for a long time. That's why losing weight should not limit yourself in the right fats.

Snacking is harmful

9 главенствующих мифов о правильном питании
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Without snacks, you cannot tell the diet, because a person definitely need to replenish energy. Just pay attention to what you eat. It is best to choose nuts or fruit.

If the product is organic means useful

If the package is the inscription "organic", it means that the product is no GMO, pesticides, and additives. But most often it is no different from their inorganic counterparts. But is more expensive.

Less carbs

9 главенствующих мифов о правильном питании
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Simple carbohydrates, or, as they are called, fast, really need to limit in your diet. They can be found in large quantities in sugar, white bread and potatoes.

Those who want to eat right should eat complex carbohydrates. They are present in cereals, legumes, berries, vegetables, herbs.

Vegetables and fruits lose all favor when you freeze

9 главенствующих мифов о правильном питании
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Thanks to modern technology we have the ability to freeze food and save up to 90 % of nutrients.

Juices are also useful, as are the fruits

In the manufacture of juice, many nutrients are lost. Most juice contains virtually no fiber. Therefore, it is better to eat fruits, vegetables and berries instead of using juice, if possible.

You need to eat separately

Scientists have not yet proven that food combining helps to lose weight. People who eat well, lose weight, most likely because strictly choose the good diet unmatchable and low-calorie products.

Diet and blood group are interrelated

Researchers believe that the link between blood type and nutrition no. Intolerance to products does not depend on the blood group and immune disorders.

Most importantly — eat with pleasure. Healthy food that makes people happy, well absorbed by the body!