"We have no good — get out of here!" — the following sentence the expert of the organization International Association of Experts in Children Education on High Technologies (IAECEHT) Mikhail Epstein heard over the years of his teaching practice. And the belief of today's students, which is good only where they are not, very frustrated. And he took thought how to make so that children were able to learn more about the city and the region. Thus was born the idea to play journalists who would Express stories from the field, interesting from a practical and cognitive point of view, and in the process tried on the different professions and roles.

Three years ago the game was released outside Russia, have gained international dimension and has based its branch in Purvciems high school, where on the next round going students of different schools of Riga, and sometimes of Tallinn. Adults agree on the visits of children to different enterprises, the young journalists go there with questions, and following the visit post. Thus, students have got acquainted with work of social, medical and municipal companies of Riga, but the strongest impression they made the first game, when they went to the company, to introduce into life the technology of the future and were surprised to learn that in Latvia there are such a lot of them and they may well be to get to work, getting pretty decent pay for work.

Recently visit in the future progressive enterprise of Latvia — it was decided to repeat with new players in the game. If in the last game the children were amazed by the company Sidrabe (creates a vacuum the machine even for NASA) and Groglass (delivers its anti-glare glass for framing paintings at the Louvre), but this time he made new discoveries in Riga.

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Photo: so look with a pair of the stork printed on a 3D printer company Mass Portal.

The Company Mass Portal for four years engaged in the creation of innovative 3D printers and spread their business contacts around the world — the US, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Turkey, where it goes up to 60 printers per month.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" — say the employees of this company. In the end, 3D printers Latvian production now allow us to create dentures at an unusually low price, and not only for humans but also for animals. Young journalists were shown a 3D dentures for storks and turtles. The company plans -create books with 3D drawings that will help blind children to feel the story. Interested students are invited to go on the enterprise summer internship.

The company "WMT Baltic"
— developer and manufacturer of polymer and adhesive materials for visual design, interior design and advertising industry, whose offices operate in Riga, Vilnius, Kiev and Moscow, and the supply of materials throughout the space of the former Soviet Union and beyond.

Young journalists intrigued by the story of one of the company's customers, who during the reconstruction of the basement under the putty found 100-year-old Wallpaper and wanted to recreate their design on a modern basis is the special equipment WMT Baltic is allowed to turn back the clock.

Enterprises of BLRT Grupp: ELME Messer Gaas and ELME Metall. The first one is production of technical, special, medical and industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, hydrogen, helium, and propane, etc.). Second — and processing of metals. Thanks to him, stand firmly and will stand the Liepaja concert hall, concert hall "Dzintari", the "Castle of light", "South bridge". Products supplied to Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries.

Journalists were amazed that the cost of one high-tech machine enterprises exceeds the cost of the two Ferrari cars. And the most convincing product turned out to be... ice cream created in seconds using liquid nitrogen. "Ice cream was really delicious!" — admired the students.

Pharmaceutical giant Baltic Grindex least dark horse of all high-tech companies in Latvia, which, thanks to the anti-doping scandal around the drug Mildronat recognized throughout the world. The company employs more than 700 specialists of different directions (and with the subsidiaries in Russia, Estonia and Slovenia — 962) — this is where I can't wait for young and intelligent graduates who are ready to pay scholarship and encourage professional growth.

The company specializiruetsya for drugs for cardiovascular and Central nervous systems and anticancer tools — 25 types of active substances, which are sold in 70 countries around the world. The pride of the company — Mildronate (for heart support) and Ftorafur (for treatment of cancer). The journalists talked with the Patriarch of the company Normunds Zelcans, who gave Grindex more than 30 years, and then wished all his interlocutors, and evaluated the design of the phone, who works for the company for over 40 years.

Company Skan — Tooling, specializing in the production of the most intricate molds for casting of plastic products to create parts for Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Schneider electric equipment, medical equipment. Work on this production can find a variety of specialists — from engineer-designer and a programmer to a grinder and Turner. Wages — thousands of euros.

"Watching the teamwork between humans and robots, we realized that the technological future is in good hands!" — wrote in his report the students. And immediately asked, there will come a time when robots will completely replace humans. Reassure them — ever.