Secret 1. Oven cakes made for Easter.

Before to start cooking, tidy the kitchen, and your thoughts. During the cooking test, it is important to be in a favorable frame of mind: think positive, not to hurry, not to scream and not to fight.

Secret 2. Yeast dough the climate: it likes warmth and does not tolerate cold and drafts. So take care of a comfortable temperature in the kitchen and pre-heat the oven.

Secret 3. All the products you need to get out of the fridge in advance: when mixed they should be at room temperature.

Secret 4. The right yeast is half the battle. For the preparation of cakes choose fresh yeast is moist, like a piece of plasticine.

With them, the dough will be soft, rich tiny air bubbles. Before you put the dough, make sure the freshness of yeast: they should be easy to crumble and pleasant smell of milk.

Secret 5. Before mixing the dough, be sure to sift the flour: this is another rule the light airy dough.

Secret 6. So the dough is well risen, put capacity with it in a bowl of warm (but not hot) water and cover with a clean towel.

Secret 7. Knead the dough for cakes needed hands. And quite long — until then while it will not be easy to keep up with cutting table.

Adding toppings and baking

Secret 8. To the cakes turned out beautiful Golden brown, use farm fresh eggs with orange yolks and add to the dough a little turmeric.
To achieve the same effect and fit the saffron tincture: 1 tsp ground saffron, add 50 ml of vodka, cover and leave for a couple of hours.

The secret 9. For flavor you can add to the dough a little bit of vanilla, nutmeg, pounded in a mortar seeds of cardamom or 2-3 tbsp Golden rum.

Secret 10. In addition, you can add raisins to the dough finely chopped dried apricots, citrus zest, any candied fruit or chopped nuts. Best almonds and hazelnuts.

The secret 11. Molds for cakes grease and line a rimmed baking paper. On the bottom place a paper circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the form itself: so the cake will be easier to get after baking.
The SECRET 12. Complete the form test 1/3 of the total volume and leave in a warm place until, until its volume will be doubled. Wait until the dough reaches the edges of the form, need not in the process of baking it will rise again.

The secret 13. In the center of each raw cake stick a long wooden skewer. It will help him to climb smoothly, and for you to learn, it time to turn on the oven. If the cake is ready, it is removed from the skewer comes out dry and clean.

Secret 14. At the bottom of the oven put a bowl of water so cakes will be more tender. During baking the oven door should not be opened: the dough may fall and no longer rise.

The secret 15. If the skewer is still raw, and on top of the cakes start to burn, cover them with greased foil.

The decoration of the cake

The secret 16. To keep the frosting from cracking it, as he should decorate the cooled cakes.

Secret 17. For a light sour taste in a classic white glaze of egg whites and powdered sugar, you can add a little lemon juice.

The secret 18. Cakes with classic white hats can be decorated with patterns of melted chocolate. To get the multi-colored cakes, you can pour in white icing, a couple of tablespoons of beet, carrot juice or juice squeezed from parsley.

Secret 19. Instead of the banal painted sugar and ready-made dressing from the store use to decorate cakes with colored candied fruits, marzipan figures or even fresh flowers.

Secret 20. Finished cakes cool completely at room temperature and carefully wrap in greaseproof paper so they will remain in the best possible way until Easter.